Modern Oilheat


Modern Oilheat Technology

Long Islanders are constantly upgrading their homes - dormering, re-siding, enhancing the landscaping ... you name it! But what Long Islanders may be overlooking is an investment in modern Oilheat technology. It'll simply amaze you!



Recent innovations in Oilheating equipment include two-stage burners, self-diagnostic and monitoring equipment, electronic ignition and low-mass boilers. New equipment boasts efficiencies as high as 95% (compare that with the 60% average efficiencies of Oilheat equipment back in the '70s). And the next generation of burners promises to increase efficiency by another 5%!

It is estimated that Oilheat's sophisticated technology has already saved consumers millions of dollars in fuel costs and conserved billions of gallons of oil. And it will continue to improve upon Oilheat's incredible reliability, efficiency, cleanliness and safety well into the future.

7 Advantages of New Oilheat Equipment:

  1. Better fuel efficiency. In fact, the peak performance of an upgraded system can save you up to 25% in heating and hot water costs!
  2. Improved comfort. Your home is heated faster, and more evenly.
  3. More hot water. Oilheat's high BTU content makes more hot water, faster.
  4. A more compact design. Today's units are often one-third the size of their ancestors - that means more room for you!
  5. Fewer service calls. Middle-of-the-night breakdowns are virtually eliminated.
  6. Cleaner burning, so it's better for the environment. Plus, soot deposits around your system become a thing of the past.
  7. Whisper-quiet operation. No more "rock concert" going on in your basement.

Today, the technician who services and tunes up your Oilheat equipment is technologically sophisticated, and is better trained and equipped to ensure that your heating system is operating at its optimum efficiency. He or she is not just a person with some tools, but rather an "energy expert," your partner in energy conservation. In working toward this goal, OHILI offers technicians a wide range of technical courses to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction.

Bioheat-Logo-EvolutionTag.pngOilheat is turning green! Bioheat® fuel - heating oil blended with biodegradable substances such as soybean oil - is one of the "hottest" things happening in home comfort. Renewable and non-toxic, Bioheat® fuel is not only kind to Mother Earth, it's kind to heating systems, too. Domestically produced, soy-based Bioheat® fuel can literally be grown at home - helping to support our nation's farmers. Bioheat® fuel is also extremely clean burning, with no sulfur and no particulate emissions, resulting in fewer service calls. And with the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel, Bioheat® fuel burns extremely efficiently.

Your home heating oil is now better than ever - thanks to ultra-clean, ultra-efficient, and ultra-environmentally friendly ultra-low sulfur heating oil - ULSHO for short.

In 2010, New York State approved a switch to ultra-low sulfur heating oil, which reduces sulfur content in the fuel by 99%. The law went into effect on July 1, 2012.

Modern Oilheat has always been a clean fuel - so clean it boasts near-zero emissions. ULSHO is the cleanest Oilheat you can buy. While sulfur levels found in the "old Oilheat" averaged 2,000 parts per million, ULSHO has a sulfur content of 15 parts per million.

ULSHO: Good for heating systems
Heating equipment that runs on ULSHO requires less maintenance. Using ULSHO can also help your heating system operate more efficiently.

ULSHO: Good for the environment
When combined with the reduced global warming potential produced by biofuel blends known as Bioheat® fuel, ultra-low sulfur heating oil can be shown to be the environmental fuel of choice for home heating. It's easy being green with ULSHO!

ULSHO: Good for you!
With innovations like ULSHO, you can rest assured that Oilheat is the fuel of the future - good for your heating system, the environment ... and you!