Upgrades and Replacements


Upgrades and Replacements

Will your furnace survive another winter?
If you actually have to think about this, perhaps it's time to upgrade your heating system. Upgrading can result in a big payoff in the long run, especially if you have an older, less efficient system. Today's heating equipment performs at efficiencies of up to 90% or higher - meaning more heat with far less fuel used.


How do you know whether it's time for an upgrade? Consider the following:

UpgradeandSaveLI.jpgYour system's age: If your furnace is more than 20 years old, replacing it now may be a smart idea. An older furnace may be sending as much as 40% of the heat up the chimney. Older equipment also tends to be oversized, sometimes capable of heating twice the area of your home.

Your service history (or lack thereof): Tell the truth now ... have you had your heating system serviced every year, or have you missed a few opportunities? Inadequate maintenance will mean a shorter lifespan for the equipment and can lead to premature failure, incomplete combustion of fuels and backdrafting of combustion gasses. Clogged filters and flues are a fire hazard. Cracked heat exchangers allow combustion gases into the home's air.

Home repairs/remodeling: Have you added on to your home recently, or are you considering doing so? You may want to consult your local OHILI member dealer, who will be able to address any shortcomings that may exist in your present system. In addition, if you are going to renovate, your heating and ventilation systems may be more accessible for installation purposes.

Uneven heating: If you experience hot and cold spots in your home, your old furnace may be the culprit. OHILI's expert, certified technicians can determine the appropriate load and efficiency level for your home - just give your dealer a call!

Lack of hot water: Is the temperature of your morning shower just right for a polar bear? Have your local OHILI member dealer check your hot water system. Hot water shortages may occur from a change in lifestyle (have you had longtime guests staying with you?) ... number of persons in the house (is there a new baby or an older person living with you now?) ... or simply problems with the heating elements. A new oil-fired direct, or even indirect hot water heater can give you virtually unlimited hot water all year long ... at a very reasonable cost.

Excessive noise: If it sounds like there's a Long Island Rail Road train rumbling through your basement, it's probably time to put your furnace out of service. New boilers and furnaces operate much more quietly than older models.

A new furnace is clean, quiet, efficient, can result in energy savings of 20-40%, and can pay for itself in 6-8 years. Best of all, your OHILI dealer can help you select a model that's right for your needs and budget. Find out how. Click here for a member dealer near you.

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