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iS_5771249.jpgYou Get What You Pay For

This maxim applies to so many aspects of life - and heating oil is no exception. You may see a discount or C.O.D. dealer's low, low price in a newspaper ad and think, "Say, this looks appealing." But after a closer examination of the services (or lack thereof) these dealers provide, "appealing" becomes "appalling."

Three words we cannot emphasize enough: Choose full service.
The full-service member dealers of OHILI offer you a wealth of products and services that set us apart from the C.O.D. or discount companies. And especially in these times of fuel price volatility, full service means more bang for your energy buck.

Your OHILI member dealer provides a multitude of services to help maximize your comfort while minimizing your costs. Please call the individual dealer to find out which services are available. Find a member dealer now.

Comprehensive Service Plans

Where can you find valuable protection of your home comfort system and be shielded against what could potentially be expensive out-of-pocket costs? With a service plan, of course! Service plans include prompt, around-the-clock emergency service, as well as "priority response" over those customers not enrolled in a plan. Service plans may also cover as many as 100 system parts plus labor. And there's one aspect of a service plan that can actually lower your heating bill by as much as 10% - the tune-up. Most service plans include the annual tune-up (sometimes called a cleaning) for free.

Convenient Budget Plans

Budget plans are a great way to take control of your fuel budget - especially when you pay for most of your heating oil over the span of three or four months. These plans take your yearly Oilheat costs and divide them into equal monthly payments, usually 10, 11 or 12. At the end of the budget season, your dealer will either credit your account for the following year or bill you for the remaining balance due. No matter how cold it gets or what happens to oil prices, you'll have the peace of mind and convenience of knowing exactly what you'll pay each month.

Price Protection Plans

Now, more than ever, price protection isn't just a luxury - it's a necessity! Many OHILI member dealers offer price protection plans - free "lock in" programs - to help you manage your Oilheat bills. Price protection plans include price caps and pre-buy plans. When you enroll in a price cap program, you'll have the security of never paying more than the capped price - the highest price you'll pay for your Oilheat. The great thing about a price cap is, if prices go down, your delivered price also goes down. If you opt for a pre-buy plan, you purchase your Oilheat in advance of the heating season, at a lower pre-season price (there is a minimum purchase required). And when you think about how volatile fuel prices can get, a pre-buy looks pretty good.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

If your current heating system hearkens back even to the Reagan Administration (1981-89 for those who need a little help with history), it may be time to think about upgrading your inefficient warm air furnace, hot water boiler and hot water heater. Also, if you've remodeled or added on to your home, your current equipment may not be working as well as it should. Your OHILI member dealer continually seeks out the very best heating and hot water making equipment - with efficiencies of up to 90 percent or more - to provide you with increased comfort and savings of as much as 40 percent off your energy bills ... not to mention cleaner, quieter operation. Plus, most OHILI member dealers offer easy and affordable equipment financing programs. You're probably not driving the same car you drove in 1981 - so why are you still using the same inefficient Oilheat equipment? Find a member who can help you install your new Oilheat system today.

Money- and Fuel-Saving Conservation Advice

Did you know that heating can account for more than 40 percent of your household energy costs? That's a big deal! Fortunately, your OHILI member dealer has a better deal - plenty of advice on low- and no-cost ways to significantly reduce your energy consumption. Simple things like dusting off radiators, covering window air conditioning units, lowering your hot water heater temperature setting, replacing furnace filters, and even shutting the door to rooms you seldom use can lower your energy bills. Your OHILI member dealer also offers innovative energy-saving devices that can maximize fuel usage, such as a programmable thermostat which, when used properly, can shave as much as $100 off your annual fuel bill. Remember ... every "baby step" you take now will help make big strides in energy conservation.

iS_7986481.jpgCertified Technicians

OHILI technicians are trained and re-trained in cutting-edge comfort equipment and installation techniques. They not only "know their stuff," they also understand which products are right for your needs and budget. OHILI itself offers dozens of National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) approved training sessions each year in such diverse areas as hydronic heating, electronics and wiring, and customer service. In addition, many Oilheat equipment manufacturers sponsor seminars on the latest systems and installation techniques. But while expertise in "fixing things" is important, we feel that our technicians should exceed your every expectation when they appear at your door. That's why many of our member companies comply with codes of ethics regarding courtesy, cleanliness and even pricing.

Monetary Rewards

You want some cash right now? No problem! Many OHILI member dealers will actually give you money for being a good customer! For example, they might reward "early birds" with prompt payment discounts. Many dealers reward customers who refer new customers with credit toward future fuel or equipment purchases. If you renew your service contract every year, your dealer may reward you with "loyalty credits" or "comfort credits" toward the purchase of new heating and cooling equipment.

Automatic Delivery

While many discount C.O.D. dealers simply deliver your fuel only when you place an order, OHILI member dealers offer the convenience of automatic delivery. Think of automatic delivery as a time-saver ... which can ultimately save you money. By combining your past fuel delivery history with state-of-the-art software, the dealer determines exactly when you are in need of your next Oilheat delivery. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the warmth — no wondering whether your fuel gauge is "empty," no worrying about your family's comfort, and no waiting for the truck to arrive.

An Abundant Supply

OHILI members are able to access a ready supply of Oilheat when you need it. Through long-standing relationships with suppliers, they are able to gain access to product when it is most essential. Moreover, many of our member dealers have their own bulk oil storage facilities. This gives them buying power, because they can purchase bulk quantities of fuel at times when wholesale prices are lowest, and then pass the savings on to you.

energySmartLongIsland.jpgEven More Valuable Services

Your local OHILI member dealer may also offer other "little touches" to give you your money's worth, such as:

  • FREE safety inspection and heating efficiency analysis
  • Senior citizen or military discounts
  • New homeowner gifts
  • Toll-free 800 numbers
  • Online bill payment and account status
  • FREE customer newsletters

And remember, most OHILI Oilheat dealers will gladly customize their services to meet your budget and individual home comfort needs. All it takes is a phone call.

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