Power Outage Instructions For Wholesalers


Power Outage Instructions For Wholesalers

- 11:29 am - January 18th, 2019

As you likely know, weather forecasts indicate that New York State will be experiencing some intense winter weather over the next few days.

These weather conditions may interrupt deliveries of petroleum fuels to homeowners, end users, retail motor fuel outlets, and impact trucking and other transport activity. Fuel distribution, supply operations, and infrastructure components may also be impacted by electrical disruptions because of the snow, ice, cold temperatures, and windy conditions damaging power lines.

As representatives of companies and trade organizations encompassing storage facilities, suppliers, distributors, retailers, transporters, and consumers of petroleum fuels in New York State, NYSERDA is providing you with the contact information for the NYSERDA “Point of Contact” for this event. Should you have any electric power, fuel supply and/or delivery capability issue, or other issues that interrupt your operations, questions, observations, situational awareness information to convey, or have needs of any kind, please contact me at any time. I am available 24 x 7.

If you are a fuel distribution terminal or other fuel supply infrastructure component that has lost electric power:

  • Contact your local electric utility company and record any reference number they provide, then
  • Contact Joe Osso, Jr. NYSERDA Project Manager at 518-281-5250 immediately with facility address & contact information.