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AEC-NORA-REPORT.jpgAll Heating Oil in New York State is Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

New York State approved a switch to ultra-low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO), which reduces sulfur content in the fuel by 99%. The law went into effect on July 1, 2012.


  • ULSHO can be blended with renewable, eco-friendly biodiesel to create the cleanest home heating fuel in the USA. Combine that with the latest advanced burners, and emissions are reduced even further!
  • Heating equipment that runs on ULSHO lasts longer and requires less maintenance.
  • Using ULSHO could also increase your heating system's efficiency. And, according to the Consumer Energy Council of America, ULSHO reduces emissions by over 70% compared to traditional heating fuel.
  • You don't need to make any modifications to your burner, boiler, furnace, tank or any heating system component in order to use ULSHO.

If you have any further questions about ultra-low sulfur heating oil and its benefits, please don't hesitate to contact a local Oilheat dealer.

Oil Heat Cares Helps Long Island Family in Need

No doubt, Oilheat dealers deliver comfort. But they also deliver hope by generously giving back to the communities they serve, thanks to Oil Heat Cares.

Through this active non-profit organization, Oilheat professionals - members of the National Association of Oil & Energy Service Professionals (OESP) - donate their time and talent to help those less fortunate by volunteering to work for a day on a local project. The organization also raises money by sponsoring events, such as the "Care to Ride" bicycle ride/walk, and then uses that money to purchase equipment from manufacturers to install in homes of those in need.

Since its founding, Oil Heat Cares has come to the aid of numerous families and institutions in need. Recently, through the organization's Nassau-Suffolk chapter, Oil Heat Cares installed a complete heating system in the Mt. Sinai home of the Shaljian family. The project, spearheaded by Rob O'Brien of Technical Heating Company, of Mt. Sinai, was in response to an unfortunate family situation. The father, James Shaljian, had been battling cancer for over two years, and with his immune system compromised, his doctor recommended he move out of his mold-infested home and into a cottage in the backyard, while his wife and daughters remained in the house.

That's when the non-profit group Building Hope for Long Island stepped in to build the family a new home - and so did Rob O'Brien, asking Oil Heat Cares about getting involved with the project. Through donations and volunteerism, the Shaljians' old house was razed and a new one was built. Oil Heat Cares provided all the heating equipment, including a new high-efficiency furnace, burner, controls and oil tank, plus a fill-up of "green" 5% Bioheat® heating oil by Hart Petroleum, an OHILI member.

"I'm overwhelmed, it's beautiful. They did a beautiful job," James Shaljian said. "It's just incredible, I can't believe it."

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