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The more you know about Oilheat, the more you'll impress your clients as a real estate professional ... and the more you'll sell.

OHILI-Image-Realty.jpgWith the help of the Long Island Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program, you'll be on your way to becoming a successful agent or broker that can "Sell More, Sell Faster." As a partner in the program, you'll have your choice of local Oilheat dealers at your service, ready to advise your potential and new homeowners on everything from switching service contracts to upgrading their heating systems. You will also be able to use your "Oilheat savvy" on issues such as oil tank safety, price concerns and energy conservation to increase sales.

Through the information presented on this website, along with complimentary brochures and Breakfast Events at local venues, you will learn more about the many ways Oilheat can save your clients money and provide them with superb customer service and peace of mind.


Your Realty Newsletter

ohcc-thumb.pngWhat is Oilheat? Is it safe to store on my property? How can I reduce harmful emissions while using Oilheat? What is this Bioheat® Fuel I keep hearing about? How much will Oilheat cost me? Who do I get my oil from?

These are all questions your clients may have asked at some point – or they will eventually if they haven’t yet. It’s best to be prepared with the answers, and working directly with Oilheat dealers is the smart way to do it! In addition to the resources found on this page, we also provide a regularly updated newsletter filled with useful information, answers to the tough questions and new updates within the heating oil industry. Click here to read a PDF file of our most recent newsletter!


In order to receive all of the benefits that the Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program has to offer, you must attend one of the FREE signature Breakfast Events.

Best of all, enrollment in the Long Island Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program is FREE! We encourage you to tell your colleagues about this program and how it can provide numerous opportunities for networking, keeping up with industry issues, sharing information and increasing home sales.


Boost your sales with help from our Professional Oilheat Dealers!

As a member of the Long Island Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program, you can depend on local dealers' expertise to help you "seal the deal." They'll not only help you understand the facts about Oilheat - they also provide these valuable services to ensure your customers' comfort and safety ... and your successful closing:

  • Perform Oilheat system startups in homes you are showing.
  • Answer any questions from home inspectors.
  • Conduct accurate tank readings at closing.
  • Provide emergency oil deliveries if the tank runs low.
  • Provide emergency equipment service.
  • Transfer service and tank agreements to new homeowners.
  • Provide a projected fuel schedule for new homeowners by examining the homeowner's needs and the fuel history of the home.

Plus, they can offer your customers helpful advice on everything from comprehensive service contracts to money-saving payment plans, as well as identify energy-loss issues around the home and provide energy conservation tips.



For Real Estate Professionals

As a real estate professional, you need to be in the know when it comes to Oilheat. These colorful brochures will educate you on the benefits of Oilheat and how Oilheat dealers can help you, and offers selling points to assist you in sealing the deal. These guides are guaranteed to be a valuable read.


More Benefits of Membership in the Long Island Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program

As a member of the Long Island Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program, you'll receive these valuable marketing tools free of charge:

  • FREE Realty Newsletter, featuring the latest Oilheat information. It can really give you the edge when explaining Oilheat's benefits to customers.
  • FREE Listing as a "Preferred Real Estate Professional" on this web site. When prospective clients want a real estate professional who's "in the know" about Oilheat, this is the spot they'll check first.
  • FREE Breakfast Events and other in-person opportunities to learn about the program at local venues.
  • FREE marketing materials to boost your bottom line. These fact-filled brochures answer many of your clients' questions and make them feel comfortable about choosing an Oilheated home. For example, we are proud to be offering a brochure detailing all information about heating oil storage tanks for consumers who live in Nassau or Suffolk County. It answers common questions such as, "What types of tanks are there?" "What does tank abandonment involve?" and "Are tanks safe and efficient?" To download a PDF of this brochure, click here. To order copies to distribute to homeowners call 1-800-796-3342 today -- supplies are limited!


Become a Long Island Oilheat-Realty Partnership Program Member!

In order to be part of the program, and be listed on this web site as a Preferred Real Estate Professional, you must attend one of the upcoming Breakfast Events. To see the event schedule click here.


Long Island Oilheat

Today's Oilheat is a Terrific Value!

Percentage of Oilheated homes on Long Island

Nassau: 47.3%
Suffolk: 57.4%

Source: 2010 Census

Now, more than ever, it's smart to recommend homes featuring Oilheat. Long Islanders are facing rising home prices and property taxes - add these facts to all the other stresses of buying a home, and it's clear that Nassau and Suffolk County residents are ready for a home heating source that they can be comfortable with financially and in all other respects.

When it comes to your customers' budgets, Oilheat costs are currently at their lowest level in years. And the superb full service benefits and customer care that get delivered along with the fuel are hard to put a price on.

With Oilheat, you can feel good about giving your customers a modern comfort choice that combines savings, efficiency, safety, dependability and cleanliness. And with so many other concerns on their minds going into a new home, your customers will love knowing that they have a private full-service oil supplier keeping an eye out for their comfort.

Learn more about Oilheat Information and Oilheat Full Service.